Mountain Pacific Bank

Dear Sir or Madam:

I was one of the people who benefitted from your recent free shredding day & I just wanted to thank you. You made it possible to get rid of those “pesky” little items too big for my personal shredder.

The Staff you had working were fantastic! Professional, helpful, very enthusiastic-they all seemed like they were having fun! If they were volunteers from the bank-kudos!

Thanks again for doing this,
Daphne Taylor

Dear Mark,

I just took the short survey that you sent me regarding Mountain Pacific Bank; which by the way I rated very high. It was very succinct and to the point. What it lacked was the ability to enclose some personal feedback other then the check the box kind. But one of the wonderful things about your bank is the fact that on the intro to the survey you enclose your phone number and email address. All the years that I've done business with banks they’ve never sent me a survey (maybe they didn't care how they were doing) or the CEO's name, phone number and email.

I left Bank of America after more then thirty years with them and never once did I feel that I was getting the kind of personal attention and care that I get when I come into your bank, that I could not tell you on the survey. Also with Bank of America I always felt like I was just one of the many minions that walk in and out of their doors on a daily basis because that is what "Giant" banking has come to in our country.

Your bank is different. It is warm and friendly with an atmosphere that I have not felt since I was a little kid. I used to go into my hometown bank with my little deposit book in hand eager to see how much my savings had grown. Remember those days? Maybe not, but your bank harkens back to those days except that it has all the modern conveniences that you need in this mile a minute world that we live in. I tell all my friends that if they're tired of the giant banks like I was, to go visit Mountain Pacific Bank.

Once again thank you for your work in our community and much continued success.

Sincerely, George E. Roman

I bank at the Lynnwood branch. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the mobile service MPB provides.

Also, Diana has to be one of the nicest bankers I've EVER dealt with. She always remembers everys name and makes you feel like you actually matter! What a concept!

I am probably one of the smallest businesses you have, but I wanted you to know I am so very happy with Mountain Pacific Bank!

Sharon Waatti, Owner of Spa La La Salon and Day Spa.